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Our Architectural staff has diverse experience in industrial, commercial, housing and government projects which gives them the ability to draw upon a broad knowledge base for innovative and dependable design solutions for our clients. The Department reviews and prepares all plans, specifications, bid documents and general conditions for buildings required for the project. A staff member is then charged with the responsibility for construction observation services. Interior design issues are handled by the Department in coordination with the owner's consultants.

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Structural Engineering

The Structural Department staff has many years of experience in the design of major structures. They coordinate the structural requirements with architectural features, as well as requirements of other design disciplines. The Structural team has refined their practical and working knowledge through the design of foundations and frames, writing specifications, and performing economic studies of various framing systems.

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Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Department is responsible for Mechanical design and coordination, feasibility studies, and system selections. The entire staff has extensive experience and training in energy conservation, heating, ventilation and air conditioning design (HVAC), fire protection, plumbing, specification writing, and energy analysis.

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Electrical Engineering

The Electrical Engineering Department has the responsibility for electrical design and coordination with other disciplines. They have experience in power systems, lighting, security, telecommunications and computer networks.

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Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering Department is responsible for Civil Engineering design, coordination, and site planning. Their area of expertise is in water supply, wastewater collection systems, wastewater pump stations, storm sewer design, stormwater management, erosion control plans, site grading, drainage, parking lot layouts, and pavement design.

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Site Selection and Master Planning

Carlisle Associates has a close working relationship with the South Carolina Department of Commerce and regional and local development agencies. Through these relationships, we have compiled and have access to a data base of potential sites for development. During the site selection process we can prepare preliminary site layouts for planning and budgeting purposes.

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Construction Observation

Our Construction Observation is based on the premise that Carlisle Associates Inc. represents the client. We are committed to providing a project that is constructed in accordance with approved plans and specifications. The Project Manager will have the responsibility for coordinating field observation of the project. Inspections are handled by the individual Architects, Engineers, and Designers for each respective element of the work.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering is standard procedure for our projects.

Carlisle Associates Inc.
1015 Gervais Street PO Box 11528 Columbia, SC 29211-1528
(803) 252-3232 Fax (803) 799-9054

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